Scheduled weekly lessons

For organisations with overseas clients and associates our weekly language courses can offer something unique for your team 

scheduled weekly foreign language lessons provided by HW Language Services include:

I. Initial diagnostic  is carried out to understand your precise situation and language requirements. This includes staff language capabilities, your specific industry sector, your expectations and any overseas events you may be preparing for such as exhibitions, product launches or client meetings.

II. Bespoke lesson plan is created based on the initial diagnostic and signed off by you to ensure your situation has been correctly understood it is also a commitment on both sides to ensure key milestones and reviews are agreed. 

III. French, Russian and German lessons are offered either 1to1 or in groups up to 10, online or face to face.  other languages are available on request

IV. Interactive and engaging lessons incorporating likely scenarios you will need to prepare for such as sales meetings, conference presentations, booking into hotels, new product launches and taking clients out to dinner amongst many other scenarios.

V. Tailored content learners will benefit from tailored content reflecting your industry sector and the relevant technical, commercial and conversational vocabulary for that sector. 

VI. Confidence building feedback from current and former clients has overwhelmingly indicated that language lessons, in particular group lessons, build staff confidence and communication skills. Every member of the team is involved in the lesson whether it is through listening, memory games, role play, quizzes, team competitions or reading. Different learning styles and any learning challenges are accommodated  for in the bespoke lesson plan, 

VII. Staff mental well-being overwhelming medical evidence proves that learning a language improves cognitive skills by creating new neural pathways. Memory and planning are also enhanced leading to much more productive members of staff.



                                          Anyone can learn a language provided they have the correct tuition, commitment and patience. 

Business people at panel discussion in board room