Sector-specific masterclass

For UK membership bodies looking to forge links or share best practise with their respective overseas counterparts and influential stakeholders we offer bespoke, sector-specific language masterclasses. 

Following an initial diagnostic to understand your requirements for your members a bespoke workshop is created to address those specific needs.

 It may be that your members are collectively attending an overseas trade show or liaising with governing European bodies for future innovation. Such themes can be orientated into a cohesive workshop to ensure members feel well prepared before engaging with overseas stakeholders.

current sectors include Automotive, Renewable Energy, Construction, Marine, HVAC and Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing

Senior Lady Giving an idea to her Colleagues

Sector-specific workshops falso focus on cultural as well as language challenges to build knowledge and confidence before, during and after major events and as an integral part of the trade body’s member support services.

Translation of marketing collateral, meeting interpreting, representation at overseas conferences and exhibitions, press and PR and any other commercial support services required by you or your members to maximise overseas development can be structured together as part of the overseas marketing communications and business development programme.