“To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world”


Chinese proverb

Welcome to HW Language Services

Anybody can learn a language provided they have the right tuition, commitment and patience. 

HW Language Services offers a unique suite of professional, high quality, foreign language tuition and training courses for businesses, industry associations and private individuals. 

Clients have a variety of reasons for learning a new language; whether it is to bolster overseas trade revenue or perhaps to enhance international communication skills in a specific industry sector or maybe it is a question of improving one’s individual global profile,

For all of these reasons and more, HW Language Services can support you and lead you on this sometimes challenging, but always rewarding language-learning journey which is tailored to suit your specific needs and expectations. 

scheduled weekly lessons

In-house/online, group foreign language tuition.

Technical, commercial and conversational modules


Speaking, listening, reading and writing


bitesize business modules

Modules for each stage of the customer journey to optimise intelligence, engagement and revenue.

Introductory presentations

Contract negotiations

Product training

Relationship building

sector-specific workshops

Tailored workshops focusing on particular sectors in an international setting. Sectors include


Renewable Energy